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Google Knowledge Panel 101

The Google Knowledge Panel is a novel representative feature which simply must be considered for your marketing strategy and online branding efforts. Let's explore the basics in the article below!


Google Knowledge Panel is a structural part of a search output that provides a glance overview of a particular topic, typically including key facts about the subject and some relevant information. It appears on the right-hand side of the Google search results' page after you run a search query. The panel provides up-to-date information about the search subject, including a description, images, and links to related websites.


The presence in Google search results itself is an essential objective for any company. However, the GKP takes that to a whole another level as it literally dominates the front page!

Individuals that search information about your company will immediately get a glance of your social profile, basic facts, and key milestones. This way, the GKP raises awareness and reputation of your company ━ right in the spotlight.

Content and control

The Knowledge Panel is powered by Google's Knowledge Graph, which is a database of facts and information about entities. It aggregates, stores, and uses all the information available on the web, including images, videos, and text, to provide an overview of a topic. It also uses machine learning algorithms to identify related topics and provide supportive information about the subject.

This way, if the search entity belongs to you as a brand or company, are you in control of what's displayed in the GKP?

Not directly, no. But you can influence the source information that eventually makes up the content of your GKP. Most commonly, the main body of the panel is pulled from Wikipedia. But it is not the only source, as the Knowledge Graph also pulls information from other sites, such as LinkedIn and more. Usually, the most straightforward and effective course of action is to go and edit the source if you are trying to influence the information displayed in your panel.

Customer Support

But what happens if there are serious issues with the information displayed in your GKP?

It must be clearly understood that Google, as a business, is neither safeguarding nor managing the GKP as a service. This is done automatically by the algorithms developed within the company.

Therefore, there is no dedicated 24/7 "customer support line" which can address your inquiries.

There is an option to leave feedback for Google at the bottom right corner; however, it will take a long time for the company to intervene manually and must be considered only after you exhaust all other options.

Google Workspace

If you rightfully own the company, there are more options to control your GKP information to some degree. For that, you will need to register a Google Workspace account and claim ownership of the corresponding Google Knowledge Panel. There is a verification procedure involved, which requires you to have access to your company's domain ━ which shouldn't be a problem for the bone fide owner, should it? 😊

Please note that this procedure is separate from "Google My Business" registration. If you have already registered your business with Google, you still need to claim your GKP.

Even after this step is complete, you won't get the opportunity to fully re-build the GKP from scratch. However, you will be able to directly change some information displayed there, such as the website, founding year and similar items.


We hope that you've learned a great deal of useful stats today. Google Knowledge Panel is a powerful feature that can organically build brand awareness and marketing presence if developed correctly.

As always, you can contact us for services to improve the displayed results in your Google Knowledge Panel. Cheers!

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